Fox L & R Sterling Silver Cufflinks


These eye-catching cufflinks are made from sterling silver with a specially designed swivel back to ensure that dressing is always a pleasure. The L & R design is inspired by Fox Brothers' puttees. Each pair of puttees woven by Fox Brothers was tagged with a Left and Right clip for ease of use. This design has been rescaled and crafted by a Master Silversmith into these unique Fox cufflinks.

During the First World War, Fox Brothers completed the largest ever, single order for textiles: 852 miles of cloth supplied to the Ministry of Defence. This was used to make 'the puttee' - spiral leg puttees were used by the military as a part of the regular soldier's uniform.


16 mm in diameter

  • Sterling silver
  • Made in the West of England
  • Hand crafted

    These cufflinks have been made exclusively for The Merchant Fox by a Master Silversmith, who has used sterling silver to model the attractive Fox mask. Crafted entirely by hand using the traditional methods of the silversmith, which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years: master-making, lost wax casting, soldering, hallmarking, filing, buffing and finally polishing.

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