The immaculate finish, fine detail, and single-minded precision, as seen throughout Holly’s specialist work within her bespoke trouser making studio, made Holly the only choice for this project.

Like any true artisan, Holly displays a genuine passion for her craft. An openness to innovation, blends with a deep respect for its’ long history, and a fierce desire to preserve traditional techniques.

The studio continues to expand, training new makers and passing on essential hand working skills. Sewing the finest trousers for her own clients and all of London’s best bespoke tailoring houses.

The outstanding quality of Holly's garments can be seen in productions, such as 'The Kingsman' motion picture franchise starring Ralph Fiennes. As well as part of Ralph's attire as the character 'M' within the 007 movie series. Both sets of films feature the drape of our very own Fox Flannel, renowned for its traditional properties and utmost quality.