Sterling Silver Weave Tie Clip


Inspired by the woven cloth at Fox Brothers and crafted by a Master Silversmith, this delicate tie clip is made from sterling silver and features a unique textured design. This texture is scored into the silver by a hand turned machine from the early 1900s. 

This tie clip with sit well on any of the fox flannel or silk ties in The Merchant Fox collection.


57mm long 6 mm wide

  • Sterling silver
  • Hallmark on back
  • Made in Somerset

      This tie clip has been made exclusively for The Merchant Fox by a Master Silversmith, who has used sterling silver to model this attractive item. Crafted with precision by eye, using hand turned machine that scores the silver to create this distitintive texture. This delicate texture represents the plain weave cloth of Fox Brothers', sitting on the bias. 

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