Finamore Pale Blue Dress Shirt


These hand made shirts are uniquely tailored with a level of precision and smoothness exclusive to the traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship.

The Finamore famous Seattle fit dress shirt in a very pale blue made from 100% cotton.

The shirt has removable collar stiffeners, giving you the option of two looks. Structured and formal or remove them for a more dressed down look.

Slim fit with rounded hem for a streamlined silhouette.  

Each shirt will be delivered in a signature Finamore box.

Size: 38 to 45

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Italy
  • Removable collar stiffeners
  • Mother of Pearl buttons

    The Merchant Fox is very pleased to be working in collaboration with Finamore, Napoli.

    The Finamore Shirt was born in 1925, designed and handmade by Alberto Finamore’s mother, Caroline. Until this day every shirt is realised by a Master Embroiderer.

    The Finamore Shirt owes it uniqueness to the patience, passion and attention to detail that define the best of the Neapolitan tailoring tradition.


     SIZE 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
    CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE 106.4cm 110.4cm 114.4cm 118.4cm 122.4cm 126.4cm 130.4cm 134.4cm
    WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE 98.4cm 102.4cm 106.4cm 110.4cm 114.4cm 118.4cm 122.4cm 126.4cm
    CB LENGTH 79.5cm 80cm 80.5cm 81cm 81.5cm 82cm 82.5cm 83cm
    SHOULDER 42cm 43cm 44cm 45cm 46cm 47cm 48cm 49cm
    SLEEVE LENGTH 68cm 68.5cm 69cm 69.5cm 70cm 70.5cm 71cm 71.5cm
    NECK 38cm 39cm 40cm 41cm 42cm 43cm 44cm 45cm
    CUFF 24cm 24cm 25cm 25cm 26cm 26cm 27cm 27cm


     SIZE 38 40 42 44 46
    CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE 106cm 114cm 122cm 130cm 138cm
    WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE 98cm 106cm 114cm 122cm 130cm
    CB LENGTH 79.5cm 80.5cm 81.5cm 82.5cm 83.5cm
    SHOULDER 42cm 44cm 46cm 48cm 50cm
    SLEEVE LENGTH 68cm 69cm 70cm 71cm 72cm
    NECK 38cm 40cm 42cm 44cm 46cm


     SIZE 40 / 15 3/4 42 / 16 1/2 44 / 17 1/2 46 / 18 1/4
    CHEST  106cm 112cm 124cm 126cm
    WAIST  102cm 108cm 120cm 122cm
    HIP 114cm 120cm 128cm 134cm
    CB LENGTH 81cm 81.5cm 83cm 84cm
    SLEEVE LENGTH 68cm 69cm 70cm 70cm

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