RAF Blue Melange Flannel

RAF Blue Melange Flannel
CODE: FS405-B2237/81
WEIGHT: 530/560g
TYPE: 100% Merino Lambswool 

RAF Blue Melange Flannel in the words of G. Bruce Boyer 

"Dark blue, which we usually call navy blue in homage to the British Navy adopting the colour for its uniforms in the 19th century, is considered the dressiest suit a man can wear. Unless of course you’re a funeral director. At the dressy end of the spectrum would also come dark grey. Then traditionally we seem to move rather quickly to the other end of the tailored suit wardrobe, the slightly more casual end, with paler shades of grey, brown, or even green, and a variety of checks and plaids.   These latter garments used to be thought only appropriate for daywear and the bolder ones were in the earlier 20th century often referred to as “Race Track Suits” because they were thought a bit louche.

But times change, colour and pattern proliferate in tailored suits today, and about time too, no offense to funeral directors. Take for example the mid-blue-grey colour called RAF Blue, so named because it was first used during World War II by the Royal Air Force for its uniforms, and then by the U.S. Army Air Force as well (and called simply “Air Blue” by  the USAAF). It’s a lighter shade of blue than navy, and with a subtle touch of grey in it, which turns out to be rather flattering to almost any man’s colouring.

The principle point though to be made about RAF blue is that it bridges the gap between formal and informal, between daytime and evening dress, between trad business wear and a contemporary penchant for a bit of colour. And funnily enough it’s a colour that can adapt itself to any cut of tailoring and silhouette as well. This is particularly true of RAF blue flannel for Autumn and Winter, where either single-breasted or double-breasted styles can be worn with ease.

Having said all that, I don’t see what more I can say about RAF Blue in its favour, except perhaps that if you don’t yet have this suit in your wardrobe, it’s something to think about."


  • 150cm width
  • Woven in England
  • 100% Merino Lambswool
  • Dry clean only
  • Your tailor will be able to advise of quantity of cloth required

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