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Mid-Grey Double Windowpane

Fox Twist: Mid-Grey Double Windowpane

CODE: FS392T A2617/11

WEIGHT: 320/350g or 11/12oz

TYPE: Uptwisted Worsted Wool

A mid-grey sharkskin ground with contrasting windowpane deco in claret and ecru.

After discovering an archive book titled "Fox Twist" the team at Fox Brothers were set the project to faithfully recreate this cloth using the original weave techniques. What was created is a wonderful three season cloth woven in a 2-ply uptwisted yarn. With a crisp cool handle this collection is the perfect travel companion. The Fox Twist collection features a mix of classic designs in both suiting and jacketing and, typical of Fox Brothers, it's woven without compromise.


  • 150cm width
  • Woven by Fox Brothers and Co. in the South West
  • 100% Merino
  • Dry clean only
  • Your tailor will be able to advise of quantity of cloth required


Fox Brothers, the English woollen mill established in Somerset in 1772 is credited with being the originator of fine woollen and worsted flannels during the last century and is still said to produce the best in the world. According to style connoisseurs, when choosing flannel, “always be sure to ask for it (Fox) by name”.

Fox Brothers first developed ‘flannel’ in 1803 and to quote Esquire magazine, is still the “Standard Bearer” for this wonderfully soft cloth. Loved by tailors who appreciate the way the it cuts "like a good butter', this wonderfully soft cloth has evolved over many years and is now available as suit lengths in varying designs and weights, exclusively on The Merchant Fox.

Iconic images from recent history show gentlemen of style wearing Fox Flannel - Sir Winston Churchill’s Savile Row tailor Henry Poole favoured a chalk stripe, Hollywood legend Cary Grant often wore Fox and of course, Gregory Peck in the film, ‘The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit’.

Delivery will be within 1 weeks from order date if in stock. Delivery time and shipping cost will vary if abroad. Every effort will be made to ship before the stated delivery where possible . We will advise you of the delivery date.

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Fox Brothers

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Made in Britain

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