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Handmade Khakee Green Tie

This luxury khakee green tie, made from the finest Fox Flannel has been handmade in South East England. The cloth has been woven by Fox Brothers in Wellington, Somerset. This timeless tie wear well with a West of England tweed jacket, navy flannel trousers and chocolate suede boots


Length 147cm, Blade 8cm


  • Made in England
  • 100% pure wool
  • Fox Flannel cloth
  • Handmade

This classic navy in West of England 8 oz flannel. Flannel is a heavily milled cloth, with up to eight hours of milling going into each piece. This process has to be done by hand and eye, which has remained the same since 1772. 

The Fox Brothers cloth has been cut by hand and hand made into these ties, in Brompton, Kent, England by master tie makers.

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Made in Britain

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