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The Merchant Fox, a celebration of tradition, design and manufacture.

Part of Fox Brothers, the renowned woollen and worsted cloth mill, we offer true craftsmanship and style.

We appreciate world-class, timeless design and the creation of beautiful, remarkable things, including our hand worked cloth. Our products have rich provenance whether it be the maker or the material used. Our customers like to know they have something special, something rare in their possession. Our range offers our customers the opportunity to acquire products that are made with the utmost care and that will last for generations - creating the heirlooms of the future. 

Finest materials and products

The Merchant Fox wishes to demonstrate the classic combination of craftsmanship and design. We go to great lengths to ensure that our whole collection is made using the finest of materials and expert craftsmanship.

Founded in 1772, in its illustrious history 'Fox Flannel' has been worn by all manner of folk and famous faces, adorning amongst many others, the Duke of Windsor, Sir Winston Churchill and Hollywood legend, Cary Grant.

It is for this reason that many of the industry's most discerning and demanding clients, including London's historic Savile Row tailors and top fashion houses choose Fox Brothers' cloth.

At The Merchant Fox, whenever possible we combine gorgeous cloth made by Fox Brothers with the equally exquisite goods we've discovered on our travels. Everything you see on The Merchant Fox is the very best we can find.

Both Fox Brothers and The Merchant Fox are based in South West England.

Made in Britain

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