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Make it British Visits The Merchant Fox

In the two hours that I spent chatting with Deborah, Douglas Cordeaux and Decca Lang, retail operations manager at The Merchant Fox, it was obvious that supporting British manufacturing is core to the values of their business and not just a short term marketing tactic.

Here is a summary of the exclusive interview with The Merchant Fox team:

What are your main reasons for supporting British manufacturing?

Deborah Meaden: We have a very good heritage and history of making things in this country. What we do well is something that is traditional, but presented in a very relevant, modern way.
I worry that if we go much longer (without supporting British manufacturing) we won’t be able to recover the skills we had and we’ll have lost something that we are really good at in Britain. I feel that the rest of the world thinks we’re better at what we do than we do. We walk around with our shoulders down saying “we haven’t got any manufacturing anymore”, but Made in Britain really means something, particularly in other parts of the world.


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